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  • Matteo Tosato

    Matteo Tosato

    Software Craftsman @ Blazar Group SA

  • Sandy Cash

    Sandy Cash

    Software engineer, cyclist, language nerd

  • Mark Xie

    Mark Xie

  • Kenneth Haugland

    Kenneth Haugland

    Programming for 30+ years. It Architect / Sparebanken Vest. Started programming on the C64 (6502), Amiga (68000), Archimedes (ARM2) before going to school.

  • Sergiy Yevtushenko

    Sergiy Yevtushenko

    Writing code for 30+ years and still enjoy it…

  • Ahmet Işıtan Narlı

    Ahmet Işıtan Narlı

    Software Developer, Designer & Entrepreneur

  • Oren De-Panther Weizman

    Oren De-Panther Weizman

    Co-Founder and Game Developer at Total-Viz. Software Developer at Resonai. Making AR/VR/WebXR related stuff

  • Nathan Sebhastian

    Nathan Sebhastian

    A senior software developer with experience in full-stack JavaScript. Nathan has published over 100 JavaScript tutorials at https://sebhastian.com

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